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Bid-Based Voting Bots

Bid-based voting bots work on a bidding system. You can send any amount of SBD above the minimum (minimums vary for each bot) and once the bot account reaches 100% voting power it splits a 100% upvote between all of the bids based on each bid's % of the total amount bid during that period.

It takes 2.4 hours for voting power to return to 100% after a 100% upvote so each bidding period typically lasts roughly 2.4 hours. Recently some bots have switched to giving out a 50% upvote every 1.2 hours instead. You can see this indicated next to the "Vote Value" in the table below.

Take the following example: With a 2.4 hour bidding period user A sends $1 to a voting bot and user B sends $3. The total bid is $4 so that means that user A will get a 25% upvote on their post and user B will get a 75% upvote. If the bot's 100% upvote is worth more than $4 then both user A and B will receive an upvote worth more than they have spent.

Please note that vote values are based on the current value of STEEM. As STEEM prices rise or fall the value of votes will too. Additionally 25% of the value of votes cast more than 30 minutes after a post has been made go to the curation rewards, so for a $0.75 payment you would need at least a $1.00 upvote to be profitable if you are taking curation rewards into account.

Each voting bot has their own quirks and rules and those can change at any time. I do the best I can to keep this site up to date however it is your responsibility to check each voting bot before you use it. You can click on the links in the table below to go to the SteemIt profile page for each bot.

Calculate how much of an upvote you could receive*

Bid Dollar Value:
Total Vote Value:
After 25% Curation:
Note! Actual vote value may differ substantially from what is shown here! This is an informational tool, use at your own risk.


Due to the broken SBD peg and some bots now accepting SBD and STEEM:

  • All vote and total bid values are now shown in USD by default based on the current exchange rates for STEEM and SBDs.
  • Profitability calculations now also take into account the exchange rates of the two currencies.
  • If you want to view numbers in a different currency you can choose a currency in the settings section above.
  • To view the numbers how they were originally, choose the "POST REWARDS" currency which matches what is shown on

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Bot Name Vote Value Min / Max Bid Min / Max ROI Min / Max Age Total Bids Max Suggested Bid Last Vote Next Vote Actions
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Content Promotion Services

Send at least 0.01 SBD to @minnowbooster with the post link as the memo and receive a guaranteed profitable upvote!
See for more details.
Min Payment:
Vote Value:
Comment Voting:
Voting Power:
Additional Features:
SP Delegation Market, Steem Voter, Sell Your Vote and earn SBD & Curation!
  • @minnowbooster is always available and can be used at any time.
  • Send at least the Min Payment amount specified to @minnowbooster with your post URL as the memo.
  • You will receive an profitable upvote on your post based on the amount of your payment.
  • See for more details!
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Daily Limit:
Weekly Limit:
Vote Value:
Voting Power:
Additional Features:

Other Bots

Bot Name Vote Value Description Website